Dissemination and promotion

Development of biodiversity in the vineyard means dissemination and promotion of good practices. It is therefore also a line of work for VinBiodiv.

Distribution to professionals…

In France, Germany and Switzerland, professional events are organised in various forms – working day, seminar, webinar – with the aim of sharing knowledge and good agro-environmental practices. Click on the links or photos to find out more!

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Promotion to the general public…

We also think it is important to share these practices with the general public who is attached to landscapes, quality of wine production and local heritage. We are currently working on the implementation of a communication campaign, including several media such as a video clip, and on the popularisation of science to better understand the value of biodiversity, its preservation and its development.

Without forgetting the Vititrophée!

After a test in 2022, a cross-border competition is organised in order to promote and reward the model wineries on their agro-ecological approach.

Like the flowering meadows competition recognised by the General Agricultural Competition, an expert jury is establishing an evaluation methodology based on scientific and agronomic criteria. The methodology has been tested and improved in spring 2022 with three partner wineries. If you are interested contact us!

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