The project

The objective of the KLIMACO project is to identify, disseminate and support the implementation of climate change adaptation strategies in the Upper Rhine livestock sector. The aim is to strengthen the technical, economic, environmental and societal performance of livestock farming. The project also aims to increase the market opportunities of the livestock sector in relation to the themes addressed.

5 themes are developed through the three areas of focus of the project:

1 – Identify and analyse climate change adaptation strategies

For each theme, cross-border working groups have been set up. The task of these working groups is to:

  • capitalise on existing knowledge, references, tools and innovations
  • identify and analyse the most appropriate climate change adaptation strategies that can be easily implemented in the Upper Rhine livestock farming systems
  • generate and study technical and economic references, carry out statistical evaluations and data analysis in relation to certain adaptation levers

 2 – Build a strategy of recommendations for changes in production methods

Individual and/or collective meetings with the project’s partner dairies will allow discussions on the various recommendations in terms of climate change adaptation strategies.

The aim is to jointly define how to disseminate the results of the project and advise dairy farms in order to:

  • secure and consolidate milk production in the Upper Rhine
  • reduce the environmental impact of livestock farms
  • identify new market opportunities

3 – Disseminate the results of the project to farmers

 The results of the project and the materials created (references, technical videos, etc.) will be widely disseminated during collective events such as training courses, seminars or technical workshops. All project productions will also be available on this website.