Closely linked to the carbon approach, the energy working group aims to strengthen support for farmers in improving the energy efficiency of their production systems. Existing experiences in the field of energy saving and energy production are collected and evaluated to provide technical advice and support to farms. Workshops and farm visits are planned on farms that have already implemented innovative concepts, such as small-scale biogas plants running solely on livestock manure, photovoltaic systems, heat recovery systems and self-consumption of energy produced on farms.

Vache et méthanisation

The partners involved in the working group:

  • Chambre d’agriculture Alsace (France)
  • Bio en Grand Est (France)
  • Landesverband Baden-Württemberg für Leistungs- und Qualitätsprüfungen in der Tierzucht e.V.  (Germany)

Group leader:

Michael BUCHHOLTZ, Landesverband Baden-Württemberg