Energy management

A modern farm will always consume energy, this is unquestionable. However, in today’s economic, political and environmental context, it becomes paramount to strive for a reduction of this energy consumption. This is why the Energy group will collaborate with the Idele partner in order to develop an energy consumption diagnosis tool to perform a series of 20 diagnoses (10 in Alsace and 10 in Baden-Württemberg). The group will identify and quantify the different energy consumptions on a farm according to the different farming activities, then produce a set of recommendations to lower this consumption. The farmers will also be given the possibility to perform an energy diagnosis of their operation themselves and receive a position index of their energy consumption based on the average consumption.

Data and technical sheets are also planned to present the tools with links and contact data, as well as summary sheets. The group will also hold technical discussions with counsellors to develop the possibility for farmers to diagnose their energy consumption themselves.